Let Us Be Your Outside General Counsel

Most large businesses have an in-house attorney who is the company’s “general counsel”—an attorney that the owners and operators rely on to help them resolve the myriad day-to-day problems their businesses faces. Smaller companies, however, generally cannot afford to hire a full-time attorney to work in-house.

In an effort to bring the benefits of an in-house attorney to you, we have developed an the ELR Outside General Counsel Program. Through this program, you pay a fixed amount per year for our firm to serve as your registered agent and attorney. Then, whenever issues arise, you have our ear at our normal hourly rates to help you think through them and find a solution for you. Things we do as Outside General Counsel include:

  • Drafting transactional documents.
  • Attending your corporate board meetings.
  • Auditing your business’ employment practices, such as hiring and firing practices, employee handbooks, and procedures for dealing with claims of discrimination.
  • Telephone conferences to discuss day-to-day operations.
  • Updating of corporate minutes, and review of corporate practices to avoid claims of piercing the corporate veil.
  • Planning and executing an estate plan for the business owners.
  • Discussing outstanding debts owed to the business by individuals and businesses, and putting together a plan to collect the debts and keep people from falling behind in the future.
  • Reviewing your business’ intellectual property assets, and evaluation of your practices for protecting them.
  • Auditing your company contracts, including reviews to ensure that they contain standard commercial terms that will protect your business.
  • Negotiating business contracts with vendors, employees, customers, suppliers, and distributors.
  • Planning for succession of the business, from current owners to future (whether employees, family members, or an outside buyer).

Contact us today to learn more about how to hire L&W attorneys to serve as your ELR Outside General Counsel.